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Christmas Gifts for Difficult Family Members

Refuse to let unpleasant family members ruin your holidays.

As much as the holidays are about spending time with family, having the family over can be highly stressful. Not all families get along, and stress levels can soar at get-togethers. If you have family members who are unappreciative, argumentative, aggressive, sulky – the kind of people who will spoil the day, then say “no!” and don’t invite them. The holidays are about joy and happiness, so inviting people who will ruin everyone’s day isn’t on. But a sense of duty can lead to inviting someone around against your better judgement. Your only duty is to your immediate family – your spouse and your children – not to any other family members. If your family gets along, fine, but if you know there’s going to be fireworks, then make everyone’s day easier by not having stress as an unwanted holiday guest.